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Medipex assists Doc Abode in resolving the NHS workforce crisis by developing a new and innovative way for existing clinicians to offer out of hours visits.

Doc Abode

Dr Mutaz Al-Dawoud


The NHS is currently facing a workforce crisis in terms of the difficulty in finding suitably qualified clinicians who are prepared to make an “out of hours” visit to a patient at home. The out of hours services currently cover wide regions and the urgent care activity has risen to an unsustainable level, with over 800,000 out of hours home visits in England annually. With limited resources and difficulty recruiting out of hours clinicians, this can cause delays, which can result in patient condition deteriorating. There is a vital need for faster and more personalised care with a wider and more flexible workforce that can respond to the complex needs of patients.  


Doc Abode offers a new and innovative way for existing clinicians to be offered out of hours visits based on their skills, language capability, location and availability. This means providing faster, bespoke healthcare and allowing clinicians to be in control, by accepting jobs when it suits them.

“We all see Doc Abode as resolving our workforce crisis, we’ve seen the evidence of that in the pilot and we think that will be the same for most organisations in the country”

Dr Georgina Haslam, Chairman, Local Care Direct

Clinicians can register with Doc Abode, download the app to their smartphone and input their skills and preferences for home visits. Clinicians will then have the choice to accept any out of hours home visits through the app that match their availability, proximity and expertise. The details of the visit are then passed through to the clinician and monitored by the controller at the Healthcare Provider. It means clinicians can undertake work on their terms whilst meeting the needs of the most vulnerable house-bound NHS patients, supporting the health system to deliver care more efficiently and improving patient outcomes. Ultimately, response time is improved and there is a reduction in the number of unnecessary attendances at A&E.

Doc Abode how it works video 

 Doc Abode | Matching Clinician Availability to Patient Needs in Real-Time 

Medipex’s Role

Since 2016, Medipex has been providing business development and administrative support services to Doc Abode Ltd. Medipex has used their expert knowledge to direct all aspects of intellectual property (IP) management. As part of a managed services contract, Medipex has also managed the contract drafting, grant applications, project management, administrative setup and has contributed and supported business planning, and sales and marketing. The product is now market ready and significant demand has already been established nationally from NHS providers wishing to deploy the application.


The prototype is now deployed across West Yorkshire in Partnership with Local Care Direct and there is interest in expanding this service nationally through NHS England and other similar organisations across the UK. Doc Abode intends to build a national profile as a leading provider of integrated digital solutions for the NHS, harnessing artificial intelligence to support a contented and productive workforce, delivering superior efficiency for organisations and ultimately bringing more benefits to NHS patients.


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”Dependable, committed and friendly people, Medipex will take your concept from just an idea all the way through to commercialisation through their bespoke offerings to suit your growing company needs.”

Taz Aldawoud, CEO
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