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Testimonials from our NHS Members

“I have an excellent working relationship with our Medipex IP advisor and I always find the advice really helpful. They are especially responsive when we are working on funding applications and I really value their input/knowledge/writing enormously.” Innovation Lead from a Teaching Hospital

“Over the course of the years we have been a member of Medipex, they must have saved this Trust tens of thousands of pounds through them negotiating all our IP agreements rather than resorting to the Trust’s legal advisors.” NHS Trust R&D Director from a Teaching Hospital

“I would like to express my gratitude to Medipex for the sterling work your staff have done in clarifying the IP issues when several organisations are involved the same research programme and suggesting a sensible way forward.” NHS Trust R&D Director from a Foundation Hospital

“Over the course of the years we have been a member of Medipex they must have saved this Trust tens of thousands of pounds through them negotiating all our IP agreements rather than resorting to the Trusts legal advisors.” NHS Trust R&D Director from a Teaching Hospital

“Medipex needs to do more of what they are doing… it really helps make connections between ideas and people.”
A CEO from an NHS Teaching Hospital

“The support I’ve had from Medipex has been really helpful. They’ve provided a cornerstone for the project to be built around.” NHS Consultant Obstetrician

“Just to say thank you again for sorting this contract out. We received our first royalties this week – a real milestone. I never thought we would see the day!” External Affairs Director, NHS Foundation Trust

“Thanks again for the tremendous support that Medipex has given us.” CL, IP Lead, Acute Hospital Trust

Testimonials from Universities

“It is always a pleasure to work with Medipex, and having their expertise, links to healthcare stakeholders, and credible external opinion is extremely valuable to our project teams. They quickly get to grips with novel and often complex medical technologies and their outputs are always thorough, even in sometimes tight timeframes to help support follow on funding applications.” Danielle Miles, Programme Lead, Grow MedTech

The market research Medipex has carried out for us for a number of research projects were highly professional, comprehensive, scientifically prepared and they fully met our expectation. Medipex managed to interact with us to ensure our goals are carefully considered and we gained highly valuable insight into the market potential and clinical need for the devices we are developing.” Reza Saatchi, Professor of Electronics (Medical Engineering)

Medipex analysis were extremely important for us to confirm, or, in some case, to revisit, the value proposition for the innovative lifesaving devices that we are creating at the STORM Lab. Having an impartial and unbiased validation of our hypotheses, together with a thorough market analysis, was also extremely valuable to prepare more convincing grant proposals. Pietro Valdastri, Professor and Chair in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Director of the STORM Lab UK

Testimonials from SMEs

“Medipex was able to link ELAROS to world-class experts in clinical safety and information governance who have guided the company through these regulatory requirements in record-breaking time, and have provided fantastic hands-on support on the procurement and contracting side. Without the knowledge and contacts of Medipex's staff, ELAROS would not have been ready so quickly with this transformational product. Professor Paul O'Brien, CEO of ELAROS 24/7 Ltd

”Dependable, committed and friendly people, Medipex will take your concept from just an idea all the way through to commercialisation through their bespoke offerings to suit your growing company needs.” Taz Aldawoud, CEO, Doc Abode Ltd

“The contribution of Medipex was essential to ask NHS specialists about digitalisation and potential adoption of our product: the survey provided very valuable information and additional market data to help our journey to introduce ALSAD in the UK. Their knowledge and professional approach gave us fantastic support.” Eva Lajko, Business Development Manager, Alsad Medical

“Medipex have been assisting with market research and helping to identify a route through the complexity of the NHS procurement process. They have carried out a first class study which will enable us to commercialise our product quicker and more effectively.”
CEO, Diagnostics Company

“The ability for me to get in front of consultants in areas we do not currently operate is very difficult. Having a service to facilitate meetings with clinical professionals motivated to speak with industry is very useful and the costs for doing so I felt were very reasonable.
Business Development Manager, Medical Technology Company

“Medipex have provided a highly relevant and professional service to us and have become a most trusted partner. Their expertise has certainly added genuine business value as we seek to deliver our business plan.”
CEO, Medical Technology start-up

“The value add of Medipex is significant in that we don’t have the same understanding, resources and links to the NHS.”
CEO of medical technology SME

On the Annual NHS Innovation Awards

“Congratulations to you and the Medipex team on such a successful awards evening last night. Looking forward to next year already!”
Director of a local healthcare SME

“I enjoyed the night very much; it was refreshing to see all those great ideas and passion to improve healthcare. If you need me to act as a judge next year just ask.”
Competition Judge

“Congratulations on a great event last night – all seemed to go really well and the finalists were all really impressive. Big pat on the back for the Medipex team.”
Competition Judge

“Thank you for a wonderful evening last night, it was lovely to meet you and such a fantastic opportunity to hear about all the innovative work that is happening across the region.”
Competition Finalist

“Just wanted to let you all know about the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards & Showcase 2012 which was held last night in Wakefield. An extremely inspiring event with the opportunity to showcase innovative products and services designed to improve patient care and developed and adopted within Yorkshire & Humber region.”
Awards Evening Attendee

“Medipex have provided a highly relevant and professional service to us and have become a most trusted partner.”

Medical Technology Start-up