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Medipex supports Universities in the technology transfer process to generate impact. We promote research translation by supporting formal product development processes and developing robust commercialisaton plans.  Working with Medipex provides access to key clinical networks and promotes the application of academic research to real world problems; maximising the impact of your work.

Medipex can help you to:

• Better understand the market for a product and how it fits within a particular market segment

• Review Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategies and the IP landscape

• Access relevant NHS staff for clinical opinion/evaluation of concepts and prototypes/focus groups

• Develop business cases relevant to NHS adoption and commercialisation

• Identify partners and investment/funding for product development and commercialisation

• Project manage product development and regulatory pathways to take an idea to market

• Facilitate discussions with our network of international investors

We have proven expertise in knowledge transfer, and an understanding of the NHS landscape and the university environment. By helping you develop your research into a viable product or service, you can demonstrate its impact in accordance with the Research Excellence Framework.

If you’re from the university sector and you have an idea we might help you develop, call us now on 0113 397 0830 or email us.

For further information about our Services, please download our brochure.

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"Winning the Medipex Award has raised our profile and given people greater confidence in our approach. We are very grateful to Medipex for their belief on our work."

York Universty Associate Prof
York University