For all NIHR funded studies, NIHR now requires you to carefully explain what arrangements will be put place to handle any new Intellectual Property (IP) arising from your work and also how you will ensure access to any background IP from collaborators e.g. Universities or industry that is essential to complete your studies.  If more than one organisation is involved in undertaking the work it will be necessary to also have a Collaboration Agreement that covers multiple IP ownership and what, if any, restrictions may be imposed on use of existing IP e.g. free to use for research purposes but not for commercial exploitation. 

Furthermore, you will be asked about the potential return on investment (ROI) should the research result in a commercialisable opportunity.  If this is the case, NIHR require that they are kept fully informed about any potential commercial discussions and you will need to seek their permission before you embark on them.   They will want to ensure that the terms and conditions of such negotiations, which they may wish to be involved in, lead to a fair ROI on the NIHR investment  and favourable agreements that benefit the NHS.

As these issues can be complex requiring knowledge of IP law and expertise in the successful generation of a commercial return from public funded work  it is better to use the expertise available within Medipex, which is recognised by NIHR. We can assist in grant applications, in mapping out the route to market and explaining what is a fair ROI and we can provide a regular hands on role to manage ownership issues around any new IP that might be generated through your work.  This is essential if you are to avoid arguments and loss of potential commercial rights because such issues have been left until all the research has been completed and there is no commercial exploitation policy agreed between the partners.

Medipex has considerable experience of joint NHS/University/industry collaborative working arrangements as well as experience of most NIHR, Wellcome, TSB, MRC, HEFCE grant funding arrangements.  We have mutual recognition agreements with all the main universities in the region that undertake medical/health related research.