Collaborative working and the NHS

Working in collaboration with others within the NHS or in companies or universities as part of a research project or to develop things such as training materials comes naturally to many working within the NHS.

Whilst this can bring many benefits by bringing in people with additional skills to move a project forwards, it can also bring with it the risk that you may not have the right to use anything developed as part of that project because of the way that IP law in the UK is written; just because you pay someone to do something, it doesn’t mean you own the Intellectual Property Rights in what they produce for you. Whilst most research in the NHS is not carried out for commercial gain, the perceived value of your work may be very significant to others (particularly where a clear clinical outcome is evident) and it is important that any rights associated with a collaborative project are protected and assigned appropriately and that you have the freedom to use the outputs of a project where you want to.


Medipex has significant experience of working with NHS staff to ensure that all the necessary agreements are in place for a collaborative project (whether the party is another NHS organisation, a company or a university) to ensure that the outputs from a collaborative project can be used as intended.  

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