Market access taskforce

In the unforgiving NHS marketplace getting your market access strategy for a product right first time can influence the ultimate success or failure of that product. The NHS market is multifaceted and ever-changing which means getting a new product into the market can often seem to be a daunting proposition. 

Medipex’s market access taskforce (M-ACCESS) brings together a unique combination of skills to assist companies in the development and execution of NHS market access strategies for innovative medical technology and diagnostic products. The aim is to help you maximise the chances of success when discussing the clinical and economic value of your technology with clinical decision-makers and budget holders in both commissioning and provider organisations. These services have been devised to help you ensure that your value proposition is appropriately articulated and presented in a language that your customer understands.

The M-ACCESS team encompasses expertise in:

  • NHS procurement
  • Clinical trial development
  • Health economics
  • Strategic business development
  • Marketing and sales strategy

Our NHS Market Access services include:

One-day market access strategy review workshop

You set the agenda for a one day workshop to allow a 360O review of the market access strategy for a product (or products) to be carried out by our experienced market access team to help you develop an outline market access action plan.


Strategic market analysis

This service will allow a comprehensive review of the therapy area and NHS drivers for a product or technology and produce a set of clear recommendations and actions to ensure that a clear market strategy for optimal impact is in place which captures the requisite critical success factors and enables a robust plan for success to be devised.

Evidence strategy review and clinical trial facilitation

Will your clinical trials deliver the right evidence with which to access the market? Our evidence strategy review service aims to help you to ensure that your regulatory and post market trials are designed so as deliver the right evidence to enable a successful market access strategy to be executed. Where required we can also help identify suitable partners for carrying out clinical trials and manage the trial set-up process.

Evidence translation and business case development

Turning clinical and economic evidence from trials into a cohesive package of information that is easily understood by a clinician or manager can be a specialist skill. Through this service we will work with you to ensure that the evidence base you have developed is presented in a meaningful way for all the stakeholders involved in the decision-making process for your product.

Implementation Management

The M-ACCESS team will help you to identify NHS organisations that are ‘innovation ready’ and likely to be receptive to the business case developed. Where appropriate we will facilitate appropriate strategic introductions and help support the implementation to ensure the right metrics are gathered to further boost the evidence of value of your product.

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