Medipex’s Ennovations website is an online store offering a vast range of technologies and medical products originating from the NHS; with companies, individuals, NHS Trusts and research establishments having the option of buying online with different internet payment options. 


The online store has grown substantially over the years – new products are constantly being added so the product range is expanding all the time. The website is continuously optimised to make all the web pages visible in the search engines and regular keyword research is carried out to ensure the latest products get found.

The site has a range of areas relating to innovative products and service delivery. We welcome suggestions and requests from businesses, the NHS, and research establishments for new medical opportunities, solutions and collaborations.

In response to demand from healthcare companies we have also started offering companies the opportunity to sell their products into the NHS via the Ennovations website.

Visit the Ennovations website.

Please email us for further information about the Ennovations website.