ZedScan™ delivers significant increase in HG CIN detection rates across all high risk HPV positive women

A review into the management of more than 800 women referred to an NHS colposcopy clinic who were positive for high risk HPV (hrHPV) has revealed a substantial increase in detection of high grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (HG CIN) following the adoption of ZedScan into routine use.

As one of the sentinel sites for primary HPV screening, clinicians at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s (STH) used ZedScan alongside colposcopy over a period of two years and assessed the impact on clinical performance relative to HPV genotype.

Inclusion of ZedScan delivered higher rates of disease detection in all hrHPV positive women and non-HPV 16 cases in particular, compared with colposcopy alone.

The clinicians consequently concluded that the ability of ZedScan to detect HG CIN is not influenced by the HPV genotype.

Professor Tidy, clinical founder of Zilico Ltd and consultant gynaecological oncologist at STH, said: “ZedScan compensates for the reliance on acetowhite change to identify disease and this will be increasingly critical as the prevalence of HPV16 and 18 falls in the vaccinated population.”

The full case study can be downloaded by clicking here.

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