Pro-Nata takes obstetric forceps design into the 21st Century

Surgical Dynamics are proud to announce the launch of Pro-Nata, an innovative device that marks a new era in obstetric forceps design.

Traditional obstetric forceps have carried the same basic design for more than a century. And while they are a surgical instrument employed successfully in thousands of births globally every year, it is a design that is not without fault. Risks associated with forceps delivery can include varying degrees of external and internal trauma to both mother and child.

Pro-Nata obstetric forceps are designed to counteract these risks.

One of the principal design features of Pro-Nata forceps is an inbuilt safety device that monitors and limits the traction force that can be applied by clinicians during an assisted delivery, significantly reducing the risk of trauma to mother and baby.

The Pro-Nata blades have been ergonomically designed to reduce stretching of the perineum and are coated in a soft rubber – providing gentler contact for both foetal head and birth canal than traditional steel forceps.

As medical equipment goes, few surgical instruments can strike fear into the heart of an expectant mother as much as the sight of a doctor wielding traditional steel forceps. Pro-Nata forceps go some way to alleviate this anxiety, with a far more appealing and reassuring design.

Surgical Dynamics has worked in collaboration with clinicians and Hull and East Yorkshire Healthcare Trust, supported by Medipex, to bring Pro-Nata forceps to market.

To read more about this innovative product - view our Pro-Nata Success Story and go to Surgical Dynamics.


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