New report on whole system flow in health and social care

In all parts of the UK there is an increased emphasis on health and social care organisations working together to tackle the quality and productivity challenges that all systems are facing, and to ensure that care is ‘genuinely coordinated around what people need and want’.

Improving the flow of patients, service users, information and resources within and between health and social care organisations can have a crucial role to play in coordinating care around the needs of patients and service users, and driving up service quality and productivity.

Poor flow is not only a source of significant waste and delay, but it can also be devastating for patients and service users and deeply frustrating for people working in health and social care.

The Health Foundation and AQuA’s new report, The challenge and potential of whole system flow, draws on over 20 examples from across the UK and internationally. It outlines an organising framework and tested methods that local health and social care leaders can use to improve whole system flow.

Read the report:


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