Major investment secured for Leeds Solution

Medipex is pleased to announce it has secured a multi-million pound investment to commercialise Leeds Solution, a novel organ preservation fluid developed by a team from Leeds.  Organ preservation fluids are used during kidney and liver transplants to maintain the organ in optimal condition from the time of retrieval to the time of transplantation thereby ensuring adequate time for tissue matching and sufficient time to prepare the recipient and surgical team.  The products currently available provide only a limited therapeutic window before the organs start to degenerate beyond use and often resulting in transplant surgery having to be performed in the middle of the night.

Current research data indicates that Leeds Solution has the potential to double the preservation time for both kidneys and livers. In addition, Leeds Solution should ensure a greater viability of the organ compared to the market leaders, at both long and short preservation times. This is associated with better postoperative recovery as there is a reduction in the incidence of delayed graft function.  Widespread use of Leeds Solution could lead to an increased use of organs that were once classified as being marginal which should result in more transplants and helping to save lives.  A second solution is under development for heart transplant and heart bypass conditions.

Leeds Solution arose out of research originally carried out at Leeds by Professor Peter Lodge (Consultant Surgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals) and Dr David Potts (Visiting Lecturer in Physiology at Leeds University).

Medipex have brought a highly experienced team together to oversee the production of a GMP approved product for first use in man sometime during 2017 followed by regulatory approval in the EU and USA and final launch of the first product during 2018. 

For more information go to our Leeds Solution Success Story.


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