NICE publishes Medtech Innovation Briefing on ZedScan

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a Medtech Innovation Briefing (MIB) on Zilico Ltd’s cervical cancer diagnostic system ZedScanTM.  It is a significant milestone for a company to have a product selected to be the subject of a MIB. The purpose of these briefings is to help inform local decision making by providing information on new technologies including their likely place in therapy, the costs of usage and a critical review of the strengths and weakness of the published literature. ZedScanTM is used as an adjunct to colposcopy in the treatment of women with abnormal cervical cells. It first became available on the market in Autumn 2014 and is now in use in this region at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. ZedScanTM has also been approved for use in Canada and Israel.

Zilico is now working on a medical device which uses the same technology, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for the detection and diagnosis of oral cancer. Having successfully secured initial funding from the Technology Strategy Board and published the results of the Proof of Concept Study in the International Journal of NanoMedicine, they now have two further awards from Smart funds and the Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility fund to undertake an in-depth analysis of the UK market, deliver a product specification for an oral diagnostic device and a protocol for a multi-centre trial.

Click here to read the full NICE MIB.

NICE Medtech Innovation Briefings are commissioned by NHS England and produced in support of Innovation Health and Wealth. Medtech Innovation Briefings are not NICE guidance. They differ in format, contain no judgement on the value of the technology and do not constitute a guidance recommendation.

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