Medipex and YHAHSN renew their partnership to deliver the Innovation Scout Network

Last year the highly successful Innovation Scout Network (ISN) pilot programme, delivered by Medipex and funded by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (YHAHSN), recruited over 30 Innovation Scouts across the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The objective of the pilot was to contribute to the reduction of leakage of Intellectual Property (IP) out of the NHS which was perceived to represent a significant loss of potential income to the NHS.

This year, Medipex and YHAHSN have agreed to jointly manage the expansion of the ISN to 100 scouts sourced from across NHS organisations in the region.  The objectives for the ISN are also to be expanded to ensure that the Innovation Scouts and host organisations are more familiar with the project activity being undertaken across all YHAHSN work programmes and are able to understand how their contribution to the ISN is related to and integrated within this wider portfolio of activity.  To this end, additional training modules and supporting materials will be developed by the YHAHSN, with guidance and support from Medipex to encompass the expanded objectives. 

Unanimous feedback from the initial cohort of Innovation Scouts indicated they wanted to know more about the activity of fellow Scouts and what they were doing well, wanted to be able to communicate directly, and had found networking events to be useful.  It has been identified that a dedicated online community space would be an ideal mechanism to achieve this and to enable efficient integration with the broader YHAHSN portfolio.  It is proposed that this component of the ISN programme will be delivered by YHAHSN.

Medipex will be responsible for recruiting scouts, project management of the training programme and delivery of the overall objectives.  If you are interested in becoming an Innovation Scout or would like to know more about the programme, please email Lindsay Georgopoulos.


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