Four women in a boat – Yorkshire Rows Atlantic 2015

Four working mums from York have decided to take the challenge to break a world record by becoming the oldest rowers to cross the Atlantic, they are known as the Yorkshire Rows. Amongst the rowers, is Medipex Board Director Janette Benaddi, an experienced business woman and advisor to NIHR on Medical Regulations and Clinical Trials. The idea originated over a glass of wine, with the four mothers sharing the desire to do something different now that their children are getting older. The discussion resulted in the decision to take part in the 2015 Talisker Whisky Challenge, a gruelling 3000 nautical miles rowing challenge across the Atlantic, which is expected to take 55 days for the team to complete. The women have commenced physical and mental preparation and are training for several hours a week. The team have named themselves, the ‘Yorkshire Rows – Atlantic 2015’ and have started fundraising for their chosen charities: Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The team are hoping to raise more than £150,000 for these charities. Janette and her colleagues will travel to the Canaries for the start of the race in November 2015 and they are hoping to become world record holders as the oldest four-lady team to complete this challenge, when they cross the finish line two months later. The team would also like this challenge to become an inspiration for all working mothers of a certain age to take on a life changing experience and prove that it is possible to achieve anything you put your mind to.

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