Medipex launches a Clinical Innovation Advisory Network

Medipex is excited to launch a new initiative that will allow us to provide our clients with valuable information about the clinical need for their innovation.

clinicians discussing

We recognise the value of feedback from health professionals, but we also acknowledge it is increasingly difficult to get it due to lack of time and channels for efficient communication. Therefore, we have developed a Clinical Innovation Advisory Network. It will allow health professionals to give feedback on innovations effectively. The surveys and interviews are carefully targeted to the people with the right expertise and conducted by an experienced market intelligence team.

We are looking for healthcare professionals from a range of roles and grades who are occasionally willing to provide feedback on unmet needs and new ideas. If you are interested in being a part of this new initiative which aims to benefit the patients, please register here: Clinical Innovation Advisory Network

The outcomes of our interviews and surveys with health professionals are greatly valued by the clients:

“As an inventor and a surgeon, I'm very thankful for the opportunity to discuss our medical device with clinicians through Medipex's network. Their insights and practical advice helped us better understand clinical needs, user requirements, and real-world challenges. Their feedback provided useful contacts and networking opportunities, as well as a clearer understanding and confidence in our next steps. This interaction also helped prove our concept and strengthen our position. It was great to meet with fellow orthopaedic colleagues and talk about the future of medical science face-to-face. I'm also very impressed by the support we've received in the UK, especially during these challenging times.”

Bogdan Gryshchuk, CEO of Gryshchuk