Innovate UK Business Growth continues its support to SMEs by providing fully funded grants of up to £15,000.

Medipex is one of the main providers of services under the RTO grants and we are chosen increasingly often by the SMEs (based on Innovate UK Business Growth statistics). Our strength lies in long-lasting activity supporting the UK Healthtech innovation sector, a great understanding of the NHS environment and a unique network of healthcare professionals and stakeholders in different clinical fields. 

We support SMEs with the following services:

A typical report helps to define a client’s value proposition, highlight key USPs, identify and verify clinical needs and develop business strategy.  An independent report from a valued and recognised organisation provides an objective opinion of a wide range of professionals that will be acknowledged by funding agencies and investors.

Client feedback has been outstanding, for example:

“ Medipex was commissioned to conduct a market analysis study to update the Company’s understanding of the clinical need, state of the art and potential opportunity for RegeiTherix, one of the products under development at Neotherix. The work was conducted professionally and to high standard, with excellent communication between Medipex and the Neotherix team. The technical and competitor landscape was thoroughly reviewed and potential commercial and non-commercial development partners were identified. This information generated by Medipex has been central to the development of further plans for the technology and will assist in steering the future development strategy of the company.”

Dr Mike Raxworthy, CEO of Neotherix

“ The report was thorough and compelling, allowing the innovator to clearly demonstrate their understanding of both the market opportunity and the competitor landscape.”

Commercial Programme Manager


More information about the funding: Funded access to Catapults and RTOs to support growth & scaling

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