Why become an Innovation Champion?

Innovation Champions are people who have an interest and passion for developing or implementing new ideas to improve services for patient benefit (and indeed anything new and innovative that allows staff to provide more efficient and safer patient care).  They are drawn from a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise (for example nurses, executive directors, clinicians, R&D, business development managers).  Additionally, effective Innovation Champions have:

  • An appreciation of the value of opportunities to network with their peers in other organisations; and
  • Strong ability to build relationships with people at all levels, resilience and flexibility.


“I want to find innovative solutions to problems and tap into the network to find solutions”


As part of becoming an Innovation Champion, Medipex and YHAHSN provide a one day course in IP and the essentials of effective innovation management.  From here on there is also:

  • Opportunities for personal development;
  • Access to a range of networking events and workshops;
  • Access to a secure web portal for opportunities, resources, forums etc.;
  • Access to national Scout/Champion Networks to share learning and experiences and make new connections;
  • Rapid access to Medipex support for IP advice, development of innovation strategies and project management for new ideas; and
  • Access to a wealth of learning and opportunities via the AHSN regional and national network


To hear more about the network and the next training session, please contact Lindsay Georgopoulos.