Fabian Seymour

NHS Innovation Scouts Training

The local Innovation Scout Network, managed by Medipex, is going from strength to strength, with over 50 registered Scouts now positioned in over 20 NHS Trusts to discover and progress innovative ideas from fellow staff.  We are driving to recruit even more of you to the Network and as such we are seeking new Innovation Scouts to attend the Level 1 training on 10th June 2015, which will provide key knowledge around intellectual property, skills to assist in championing the importance of fresh thinking in their own workplaces, plus provide an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas.

Our Scout Network has members from many different roles within Trusts, including Nurses, R&D Managers, Clinical Leads, Paramedics but we need more people from a wider range of roles.  Anyone who is a member of NHS Staff can be a Scout and membership is free.  All we need is permission from your line manager for you to attend the initial training course and a commitment of up to 6 days per year to carry out your role and attend other informative or networking sessions. If you work for any NHS Trust in Yorkshire and Humber or if your Trust is a member of Medipex, then you are eligible to join.

If you have the enthusiasm to actively work within your own Trust to raise awareness of how to progress new ideas and act as a focal point to assist other staff, please look at our Innovation Scout Network page and contact Dr Fabian Seymour for more information or to register for the training even on 10th June 2015.