iBridge UK-China Open Innovation Workshop: ‘Diagnostic Systems’

The University of Bradford has been commissioned by iBridge TT International Limited to organise two Open Innovation Workshops for UK diagnostic and digital health companies wishing to engage with partners in China, to access development funding and to create commercial opportunities in the Chinese market. The workshops will be held between 2nd and 8th December 2018, in Tianjin and Guangzhou, on the theme of ‘Diagnostic Systems’.

These workshops provide a unique opportunity to build partnerships in China and to secure up to £220,000 funding for arising projects. Substantial follow-on funding is available from both government and private investment sources. The in-country costs of participating in the workshop will be principally met by iBridge, who will also provide a travel grant of up to £800 per participating company towards the costs of a Chinese visa and airfare.

The programme is open to small and medium-sized companies, to research and charitable institutions, as well as to clinicians and academics working in the diagnostic and digital health field, with technology that is near commercialisation or commercialised outside China.