Growing the Yorkshire & Humber Innovation Scout Network

On 10th June 2015, representatives of seven NHS organisations participated in the third training and networking event of the Yorkshire and Humber Innovation Scout Network (ISN).

The thirteen new recruits from CCG, Foundation Trust and Ambulance Trust organisations received training on the different types of intellectual property (IP) that commonly arise from NHS staff as well as how to protect that IP.  In addition, Medipex demonstrated how they assess ideas for commercial potential in order to inform the most appropriate route forwards and the YHAHSN showcased the various workstreams that NHS staff can get involved with to support adoption of new technologies and practices.  Importantly, ideas were also shared for how Innovation Scouts can help promote an innovative culture within the organisation and recognise where input from Medipex and the YHAHSN would be beneficial.

Following the session every trainee reported an increase in their confidence when dealing with innovative ideas and IP. It is anticipated that this increased confidence and growth of the network will result in a greater number of projects coming out of our region’s NHS that can contribute to the Health and Wealth agenda by improving health and patient care as well as benefiting the UK economy. Each attendee was presented with a handbook providing information and guidance on the role of being an Innovation Scout to help them implement and carry out their role when back in their own organisations.

Innovation Scouts act as local champions of innovation, promoting the importance of early identification of IP contained within the large range of innovations emerging from the NHS. The Innovation Scout Network facilitates links between NHS organisations to promote the adoption and diffusion of innovation across the region. We have actively encouraged involvement by staff from a wide range of different job roles and disciplines to facilitate networking and communication outside their usual sphere. If you are interested in taking part in this exciting initiative, please click here or contact Lindsay Georgopoulos for further details.