Medipex complaints procedure

Medipex aims to provide a professional service to every customer, delivered by staff with the knowledge and experience to give the help and advice appropriate to their requirements. Every enquiry/conversation is treated as confidential. Each customer is given a named, primary contact, who will ensure a prompt response to their enquiries. We are an ISO 9001 (2015) certified company and pride ourselves that we provide excellent customer service.   However, we also appreciate that sometimes things do go wrong and in those circumstances we want to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can put things right.

  1. Who to contact in case of complaint

The Medipex Complaints Manager (CM) is Clare Steele-Childe, Medipex Ltd, Pure Offices, 4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds LS15 8GB who can be contacted Monday – Thursday on 0113 397 0963. Following on from a telephone conversation, please confirm the nature of the complaint in writing either by letter or by email at, stating clearly the nature of the complaint, the date on which the incident occurred and the parties involved. All the complainants must provide their name, (job title if applicable) address and contact details so that they can be contracted for follow up. The CM has responsibility for logging complaints and managing the procedures for handling and considering complaints and will ensure that:

  • complaints are dealt with efficiently; and thoroughly investigated
  • the complainant is treated with respect and courtesy.
  • complainants receive a timely and appropriate response; 

  • complainants are told the outcome of the investigation of their complaint;
  • action is taken if necessary in the light of the outcome of a complaint. 

  1. The complaints procedure

  • The Responsible Person (RP), who will ensure that action is taken if necessary in the light of the outcome of a complaint, is the Medipex CEO.  
  • Once a complaint has been received and logged the details are passed to the RP
  • The RP will ensure that internal and external evidence is collected and will meet with the member(s) of staff involved in the complaint.   [If the complaint concerns the RP the evidence will be collected by the Company Secretary and dealt with by the Chair and Medipex Board].
  • The report will be considered by the Management Review Group (MRG) and a decision made on the necessary action to be taken.
  • The outcome will be reported to the complainant and the Medipex Board.
  • Where remedial action is necessary, its effectiveness will be reviewed by the MRG and further actions taken if required.

Complaints received regarding Medipex suppliers will be passed directly to them to be dealt with but Medipex will follow up to see if they have been satisfactorily rectified.