Crosby Wrist and Thumb Splint

crosby wrist humb braceThe clinical need:

Patients with arthritis or other conditions that cause weakness and pain in the wrist and thumb joints needed a splint that can provide support whilst being flexible, comfortable and easy to put on. An Occupational Therapist at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust identified the need for a new design of splint that could deliver all of these benefits, whilst also being breathable and able to accommodate different thumb sizes, in order to maximise patient comfort.

The innovation challenge:

The inventor was able to design and produce a suitable splint. However significant interest in the splint was received and the inventor was unable to fulfil the growing demand. She therefore sought help from Medipex to search for a commercial partner who could produce the splints and satisfy the demand. 

How did Medipex help?

Medipex provided initial intellectual property advice to protect the new splint design, which was registered. Subsequently, Medipex drove the search for a commercial partner who could produce the splints by approaching several companies that were already manufacturing and distributing soft orthopaedic products to the healthcare sector and particularly to the NHS. Medipex successfully secured Beagle Orthopaedic as a partner, negotiating and executing a licence agreement that provides the company with the rights to sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution of the splint in return for a share of the revenue generated from sales, and a discounted rate, being provided to the Trust.


The Crosby Wrist Thumb Brace is now part of Beagle Orthopaedic product range and is sold online. It is generating revenues for the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and delivering benefits to the patients purchasing the splints.

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