What we do

Healthcare innovation advice support

Originally set up in 2004 as an NHS Innovation Hub, Yorkshire-based Medipex now works with an expanded range of customers throughout the UK including those from the private sector, academia and charities, as well as our core NHS customer base.

We provide expert advice and hands-on support to individuals and teams that are developing novel healthcare interventions designed to deliver patient benefit. Our experienced multi-disciplinary team help innovators to assess, develop and commercialise their ideas.

Working with us you can expect a professional, flexible and tailored service to meet your needs. Our close working relationship with multiple NHS organisations, and our understanding of this complex and evolving landscape, makes us the ideal partner for the successful development and commercialisation of healthcare innovations.


Our vision is for innovation to be a key driver for delivering better patient care and improved healthcare services, particularly within the NHS.

Our purpose is to support innovators to accelerate the development of impactful healthcare innovations that address real unmet needs, ensuring that appropriate evidence is generated to facilitate successful adoption into healthcare systems and that the intended benefits can be realised by relevant stakeholders.

Our mission is to provide professional, valuable hands-on support and advice to key stakeholders in the healthcare innovation landscape, including NHS staff who are looking to improve patient care and healthcare delivery, academics developing interventions designed to address healthcare needs and medtech companies that are developing healthcare interventions intended to be suitable for use in healthcare, including the NHS.

Our values include a commitment to delivering a professional, cost-effective and customer-focussed service whilst treating all of our customers and partners with respect, honesty, transparency and impartiality.

Our track record demonstrates assessment of over 2000 healthcare ideas from the NHS and successful commercialisation of nearly 100 of these including the set-up of 9 spin-outs companies. We have also supported numerous academic groups and medtech companies to validate their ideas in terms of clinical need, market opportunities, value proposition and understanding how their innovation could fit with current clinical pathways.

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