Medipex’s lead in the formation of a company developing digital products to address unmet clinical needs. 

A company set up to commercialise the Digital Bladder Diary, invented by Professor Chris Chapple, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Clinical Director Devices for Dignity Urology Theme.

Clinical Need

50% of the population will be affected by continence problems at some point in their lives and the prevalence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) will grow by 9% each year. Existing test procedures used to detect LUTS, where a ‘one-off’ sample is provided, are not patient-friendly, do not cater to the accompanying emotional discomfort and are not universally successful or accurate. Ultimately, these deficiencies can result in ineffective and inefficient screening, leading to subsequent higher levels of costly intervention. There is low adherence to the NICE recommended guidelines for the assessment and treatment of continence, which recommends the use of bladder diaries to record urinary events. However, there is limited experience with the use of a bladder diary in primary care and difficulties in interpreting the raw information provided by a bladder diary. Therefore, there is a tendency to inappropriately refer patients to secondary care and to overprescribe treatments without sufficient clinical evidence.


To tackle these issues, a simple, effective and low-cost handheld digital diary was developed in conjunction with N3 compliant medical device software. The diary enables patient data to be recorded, analysed and stored as part of the electronic patient record by the GP or continence nurse-based within the surgery. A decision can then be quickly made whether to adopt conservative treatment administered locally or whether the symptoms warrant a referral into the Urologist, usually in the local hospital. A simple analysis of the data supports the clinical diagnosis and allows comparison of the effectiveness of treatment over time. GP’s using Elaros are better informed on whether to refer patients (based on NICE guidelines) and costs are lowered.

Medipex’s Role

Working with Devices for Dignity, Medipex identified Medical Devices Technology International Ltd (MDTi) as the ideal commercial partner for the digital diary.  MDTi already had a complimentary device on the market, a U-flow meter, which led to a wider discussion around the value proposition and decision to pilot a LUTS assessment service rather than trying to sell digital diaries to the NHS. The service, known as ELAROS, brings together the clinical expertise of the NHS, Devices for Dignity who have strong links into the national urology network, MDTi and 2 NHS Innovation Hubs. In 2010 Medipex led the formation of Elaros 24/7 Ltd. and establishment of a management structure including recruitment of Professor Paul O' Brien as CEO in April 2012 and subsequent fundraising. Medipex maintained its interest in Elaros 24/7 Ltd, at an operational level until 2018, and now remains a shareholder.

“Elaros’ ethos is to develop products that address unmet needs. We have been working in the digital health arena for seven years and from previous project work, are aware that the uptake of digital products to help care home staff in their working day, lags behind its potential.”

Professor Paul O’Brien CEO of Elaros 24/7 Ltd


Elaros 24/7 Ltd is a Sheffield based digital health company which has been working over the past nine years to build a broad portfolio of products around the needs of children, and a suite of products for older people. In addition to developing its own digital solutions, the company has been commissioned to create other organisations’ non-competing digital solutions. As a digital company, created by clinicians, all of its product development is based firmly on addressing unmet clinical needs, backed up by clinical evidence, that has been co-created (with patients, users and clinicians) and then clinically validated and tested. The company counts four NHS organisations amongst its shareholders (a Teaching Hospital, two NHS Regional Innovation Hubs – of which Medipex Ltd is one, and a Clinical Commissioning Group).


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“Medipex was able to link ELAROS to world-class experts in clinical safety and information governance who have guided the company through these regulatory requirements in record-breaking time, and have provided fantastic hands-on support on the pro

Paul O’Brien, CEO
ELAROS 24/7 Ltd