Crosby Wrist and Thumb Splint

Medipex secures a commercial partner to satisfy the demand for a new wrist and thumb splint. 

Inventor: Occupational Therapist in Rheumatology at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Clinical Need

There was a distinct need for an improved, universal product for patients with arthritis or other conditions that cause weakness and pain in the wrist and thumb joints. A product was required that could provide support, whilst being flexible, comfortable and easy for the patients to put on. The splint needed to have the ability to accommodate different thumb sizes and be breathable, in order to maximise patient comfort.


The inventor designed the flexible thumb and wrist splint to provide a good balance of support, stability, functionality and comfort. The splint is universal and easy for patients to put on, as it free fitting around the thumb to accommodate different thumb sizes. As it extends along the wrist, it helps to give extra support and evens out the pressure, helping to prevent too much force being applied to the painful thumb joints. The new splint is made of a breathable and comfortable bioprene material supplied by a local company. This is preferable to using the neoprene products which can make patients sweat and are not suitable to patients who are allergic to neoprene.

Medipex’s Role

Significant interest in the Wrist and Thumb Splint was received from Occupational Therapists from other trusts, and the inventor was unable to fulfil the growing demand. Therefore, the inventor approached Medipex for help in her search for a commercial partner who could produce the splints to satisfy the demand. Medipex provided initial advice to protect the new splint design which was registered. Following this, Medipex endeavoured to find a commercial partner by approaching several companies which were manufacturing and distributing soft orthopaedics products for the healthcare sector and particularly supplying the NHS. Beagle Orthopaedic was identified as a potential suitable partner and, following negotiations, a licence agreement was signed in 2017, giving Beagle Orthopaedic the sales and marketing rights, as well as the ability to manufacture and distribute the new splint.


The Crosby Wrist Thumb Brace is now part of Beagle Orthopaedic product range and is sold online. It will generate revenues to the trust and rewards for the inventor.


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