TWO Medical Nouristat™


TWO Medical is a Leeds based start-up company who have acquired a license to market a range of products based on a technology called Nouristat™. Nouristat is a patented technology which allows ingredients to be blended and suspended within a single emulsion. When applied to the skin the body readily adsorbs the emulsion forming distinct layers each with specially formulated characteristics.

TWO Medical’s first products are aimed at the infection control market. Microdine is a hand wash product and Provoderm is a long-lasting hand sanitiser which moisturises skin as well as killing 99.99% of germs.
TWO Medical approached Medipex at a very early stage in their life for assistance in understanding the routes into the NHS for their products. Having seen and reviewed some of the scientific data from laboratory studies using the product, Medipex were confident of the potential that the products had for improving infection control practices within healthcare organisations. However, Medipex quickly identified that further evidence around efficacy of the products in use would be needed to facilitate adoption of the products within the NHS.

A series of meetings with infection control leads to validate the market potential for the product were held with an enthusiastic response received based on the laboratory data shown. Feedback confirmed the need for in-use evidence and so work commenced to identify a site where the products could be trialled. A suitable researcher based at a teaching hospital in the region was identified and a statistician within a University engaged to help with the trial design. The trial protocol was then independently reviewed to verify that it was correct. The research project is now at a stage where approvals for the trial are now being sought from the necessary approvals bodies.

Richard Littlehales, managing director of TWO Medical says of his involvement with Medipex, “Medipex have provided a highly relevant and professional service to us and have become a most trusted partner to us. Their expertise has certainly added genuine business value as we seek to deliver our business plan”.