RD Biomed Peptest


RD Biomedis a Hull-based medical technology company who have developed a novel diagnostic test which can rapidly detect the gastric enzyme pepsin in saliva/sputum and exhaled breath condensate samples.

The presence of pepsin in saliva or exhaled breath is an indicator of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) which affects 20-30% of all adults or Larygopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) which is often referred to as “silent reflux”. Current methods of diagnosis are highly subjective and are often based on a patient’s history rather than an objective measure. Where a formal diagnostic test is used, this is highly invasive and expensive. Peptest potentially allows an objective diagnosis for GORD or LPR to be made rapidly in primary care.


RD Biomed approached Medipex for assistance in better understanding the potential market in primary care for Peptest. Their initial work had centred around the use of the device within secondary care and for which they had built up strong support, but it was felt that primary care represented a market where a real difference could be made to the management of patients. Medipex carried out a full market assessment for RD Biomed, surveying GP’s and identifying what the barriers to adoption in primary care might be and what evidence would be needed from trials to facilitate uptake in the primary care market.

Following on from the market assessment, Medipex have been helping RD Biomed to carry out a major clinical trial of Peptest in the Yorkshire and Humber region. A consortium of clinicians across a range of clinical disciplines was identified and advice obtained on how best to structure the trial. A suitable funding stream was also identified to help fund the trial and assistance was given with preparing and submitting a successful funding application. Medipex are now working further with RD Biomed and the clinical team through the clinical trial approval process and assisting with the running of the research project. Potential collaborators for a clinical trial of the device in primary care have also been identified.

Professor Peter Dettmar, managing director of RD Biomed says of his involvement with Medipex, “Medipex have been assisting with market research and helping to identify a route through the complexity of the NHS procurement process. They have carried out a first class study which will enable us to commercialise our product quicker and more effectively”.