Portrait of a Life – A multi-media toolkit for life story work


Childhood memories; both good and bad, experiences gained whilst growing up including influences from people, events and personal issues, take a person on a variety of differing roads through their lifetime.

These changes, life experiences and decisions made throughout that life all contribute to create a unique individual. Through health changes, memory impairment or particularly a diagnosis of dementia; people can begin to lose awareness of themselves and their personal stories. Therefore developing a life story is important for individuals, their families and staff caring for them to ensure that the person with dementia maintains their identity, well being and sense of self.

A multi-media toolkit for life story work

The Portrait of a Life multi-media toolkit for life story work enables those using it to understand and deliver true person-centred care. Portrait of a Life is an educational toolkit with training resources to support staff in a wide range of care settings.


The Portrait of a Life multi-media toolkit comprises of an 80 minute training DVD, a 14 minute short film, a DVD Rom (learning resources, video clips and documentation) an e-learning guide to develop an
electronic journal and a 98 page detailed written guide.

View video clips from the toolkit.

The detailed written guide reflects the same information contained within the training DVD. The practical approaches within the toolkit support the production of life story boards, electronic journals, memory boxes and more for people living with dementia and other mental health needs in a variety of care settings.

Using the Portrait of a Life toolkit can support:

  • Knowing the person first-dementia second
  • A comprehensive and holistic knowledge of the person
  • A reduction in difficult-to-manage behaviours through individualised
    care planning
  • Positive therapeutic interventions
  • Positive 1–1 relationships and engagement with services

How to purchase Portrait of a Life

You can buy Portait of Life from Medipex’s Ennovations website. It costs £345 plus VAT (plus UK postage and packing £6.00). For multiple copies or for delivery to other countries, please email Medipex.