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Medipex brokers a £2 million investment into the first evidence-based innovation in organ preservation in decades.

Professor Peter Lodge, a consultant transplant surgeon at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Dr David Potts, a leading physiologist at the University of Leeds.

Clinical Need

In 2016/17, over 125,000 solid organ transplants were conducted worldwide. With our ageing global society and an increase in chronic diseases leading to organ failure, there has never been a greater need for advanced transplant solutions. Current products only provide a limited window before the organs start to degenerate beyond use. Current preservation solutions have been on the market for decades with little innovation – they are not optimised to maintain tissue/organ viability and often contain components now known to be toxic.


OPSL has developed a solution that will disrupt the worldwide transplant solution market with the first proven technological advance in decades. LS-A is a novel abdominal solution for the hypothermic preservation of the liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel and LS-T is a thoracic solution for the preservation of hearts, lungs and as a cardioplegia solution. The solutions are expected to maintain the quality and function of the organ over a longer period of time to improve the outcome of transplant surgery and result in less likelihood of organ rejection. This will also increase the window of time to transplant the organ, to allow time to tissue-match, allocate the organ and prepare the recipient and surgical team. Studies have demonstrated LS-A preserves all abdominal organs, outperforming current clinical ‘gold standard’ in terms of quality and length of preservation. 



Current Preservation Time

(Leading Brand) in hours

Expected Preservation Time with

LS-A™ & LS-T™ in hours











Preclinical studies demonstrate that the solution p
reserves all abdominal organs, outperforming current clinical ‘gold standard’ in terms of quality and length of preservation. Full preclinical studies will complete in 2019 and a first in man clinical study is expected in 2020.

Medipex’s Role

Medipex has supported the development of the OPSL technology over many years. Through the formation of a subsidiary company, Medipex took an assignment of relevant IP and brokered a £2 million investment in 2015. From 2016 to the present, Medipex has provided OPSL with an experienced dedicated Project Manager (PM) to work on behalf of the Company. The PM oversees all aspects of OPSL activities including product development, management of sub-contractors, preclinical testing, regulatory, quality and clinical study planning. The PM supports OPSL’s CEO to develop Company strategy and obtain further inward investment.


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“The Leeds Solution is set to provide a significant breakthrough in organ transplantation.”

Peter Lodge
Transplant Surgeon