Medication Resources


The safe management of medicines in care homes and domiciliary care resources

A recent study in care homes highlighted the fact that on any one day 7 out 10 patients experienced at least one medication error.

CQC’s report to parliament in November 2012 ‘The state of health and adult social care in England in 2011/12’ stated ‘The management of medicines was the standard with the poorest performance across the adult social care sector. Of the locations inspected 33% of nursing homes, 26% of residential homes and 23% of domiciliary care providers failed to meet this standard.’


This is an innovation developed by pharmacists in an NHS Commissioning Support Unit. The selection of training resources includes:

MAR Chart Training Packages

Used as a training resource and a competency assessment tool. Contain reading materials, worksheets for exercises and detailed answers including completed MAR Charts. The care home pack also contains extra resources about managing ‘as required’ medicines and template charts for recording creams and nutritional supplements and ‘as required’ medicines.

  • MAR Chart Training Package – Care Homes
  • MAR Chart Training Package – Domiciliary Care

Medication Refresher Modules

A refresher for staff who has undertaken medication training. Cover specific topics that have been identified as areas causing problems in homes and domiciliary care. Help staff identify the most appropriate places to find reliable information about medicines

  • Medication Refresher Module – Warfarin
  • Medication Refresher Module - Antibiotics
  • Medication Refresher Module – Finding information about medicines
  • Medication Refresher Module – Safe management of control drugs in care homes
  • Medication Refresher Module - Pain Management
  • Medication Refresher Module -  Parkinson’s

Audit Tools

Assist Care Home managers to ensure that medicines within their homes are stored safely, that appropriate documentation and records are kept and that all medicines can be accounted for.

  • Safe handling of medicines in care homes – Audit Tools

The main benefit of better medication management will be to improve patient safety and quality of care in Care Homes and Domiciliary Care. In England alone, there are 17,538 care homes which could benefit from these training tools.

Medipex impact

Medipex met with the developers to determine if the resources would be suitable to sell via the ennovations website. After potential copyright issues had been addressed, appropriate copyright notices added to the resources, quotations for printing quantities of each resource were obtained. Medipex manages sales and distribution of the resources via the ennovations site.