Clinical Fluid Disposal System


It is estimated that NHS Trusts generate 193,000 tonnes of clinical waste every year, including blood, human tissue and drugs. It is therefore vital that this waste is disposed of in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Disposal of fluid from operating theatres  involves collection of waste into plastic containers which, when full, are put into yellow waste bins and taken away to be disposed of at either landfill sites or incineration plants.


This is a financially expensive solution with a very poor environmental outcome. The current disposal system involves operating theatre technicians physically lifting and handling heavy containers, at a cost to their physical welfare. There is potential for cross-contamination due to leakage and the containers may require stabilising. This cumbersome and inefficient system results in staff being drawn away from their primary objective of patient care.



A teaching hospital has developed a pilot unit to enable waste from a patient to be sent to the hospital drain rather than sent to landfill or for incineration.

The Hy-Vac fluid disposal system is used predominantly for urology and orthopaedic theatres but can be used quite readily in other disciplines. The system is easy to use with minimal set-up before an operation. The system functions using a clear push-button LCD display to walk the operator through the key steps of the unit’s cycle during an operation. It incorporates a final automatic cleaning cycle using a validated detergent which ensures security for theatre staff and patient with minimal clean-down before, during and after an operation. The system also means that moving and handling issues associated with disposing of containers and yellow waste bags are eliminated, thereby potentially reducing staff injuries.


Technical features

  • Function: continuous vacuum suction of waste from operation area on patient installation: wall mounted
  • Emergency stop
  • Electrical safety cut-out
  • Power supply required: 240V mains
  • CE marked

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Hy-Vac Fluid Disposal System