The electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire

A significant amount of patient and NHS time is taken up with recording patient history much of which is essential information but doesn’t always require a face to face consultation e.g. forty percent of all pre-op screenings in hospital could be done remotely, amounting to 1.2 million appointments avoided and a paper saving of £48 million.

In addition, certain clinical conditions, such as pelvic floor problems, can be embarrassing and difficult to discuss and for this reason answers given during a clinical consultation are often unreliable for assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of outcome.


ePAQ Systems Ltd, in conjunction with NHS healthcare staff have developed a multiple interactive touch screen electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaires to support reduction of unnecessary face to face meetings and facilitate remote or ‘virtual’ consultations which can be followed up by a face to face consultation when appropriate.

ePAQ® Pelvic Floor, ePAQ®-PO (pre-op), ePAQ®-MPH (menstrual) and ePAQ®-vulva are now in routine clinical use with 10 UK NHS Trusts benefitting from these applications and 40,000 patient completions to date. Enquiries have come from another 40 units, both in the UK and overseas.

ePAQ has been designed primarily as a clinical tool, to facilitate communication between patients & clinicians. It has been evaluated in studies regarding its validity, reliability & impact on patient care and its use is the subject of numerous peer reviewed publications. Its origins lie in instruments designed for use as Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) though most importantly the system offers a user-friendly and meaningful measure of outcome, which may be applicable in clinical practice, service evaluation, audit & research. It is a key element in supporting devolved care, including nurse-led clinics) and ‘Virtual Clinics’.

The user-friendly, versatile and interactive ePAQ platform technology is being used to develop further questionnaires in Orthopaedics, Vascular Surgery, and Cardiology.


Medipex impact  

Medipex was approached by the inventor of ePAQ®, Dr Stephen Radley, a Consultant Urogynaecologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to help assess the feasibility of the ePAQ system and help establish a commercially sustainable business model.  Medipex identified a software development partner, Illuminaries Ltd, and established ePAQ Systems Ltd as a 4 way joint venture between Sheffield Teaching Hospital, the inventor, Illuminaries and Medipex.  Further support included mentoring the business in its early stages, helping identify development funds and supporting its additional product development.

For further information visit the ePAQ website or contact gaynor@epaq.co.uk.