E-NOF Electronic Fractured Neck of Femur Pathway

Medipex’s support in transforming the way patient information is recorded through digitisation, to ensure best practice from admission to discharge

Inventor: Nikhil Nanavati: Orthopaedic registrar from Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Clinical Need

When patients arrive at A&E with a fracture and if admitted to the orthopaedic ward, standard patient care information is logged on a paper form. These paper forms are filed, updated and signed off, before being inputted by members of staff and electronically sent to the national audit organisation (NHFD) which collects all information on hospitals orthopaedic departments performances to produce an annual report. If a hospital reaches specific performance targets, based on this data collected, it will benefit from a top-up fee (per patient), known as the Best Practice Tariff. This type of ‘reward’ only exists for a limited number of surgical procedures in the UK, in areas where the government is trying to incentivise better practice.


The E-NOF solution is an electronic version of the paper form and is designed to transform the way patient information can be recorded by:

  • Providing all patient information from a single point, in ‘real time’ that can be consulted from different locations
  • Improving the accuracy of information recorded
  • Improving compliance with the patient assessment process with reminders and a step by step guide
  • Sending the information directly to the national database, meaning nurses no longer have to input this information
  • Giving the hospital management access to electronic data to use for audits
  • The hospital may benefit from the tariff if clinicians and nurses are more reactive to the prompts of the ‘timed’ electronic system

Medipex’s Role

The team requested support in assessing the intellectual property, providing advice on inventors’ rights and in reviewing the potential for adoption of the system by other NHS trusts. The inventor wanted to benefit from the NHS England promotion of a ‘Paperless NHS by 2020’ and was keen for Doncaster trust to lead as a centre of excellence in improving compliance with Best Practice of Care.

Medipex intervened at several stages:

  • To reassure the team of their protected rights as inventors which are stipulated in the hospital trust IP Policy.
  • To assess the commercial potential of the electronic system by reviewing current practices in other hospital trusts: revealing that there was a lack of compliance with data recording, resulting in an impact on patient’s management when paper systems were used.
  • To offer support in identifying commercial partners with whom Medipex would undertake the development of the software in order to aid the software’s integration with external IT systems, and its commercialisation and distribution.


Medipex, in collaboration with the inventor, Doncaster hospital trust and Illuminaries Ltd, have been working together for the past two years, to develop the software into a product that can now be commercialised and to promote it through events, marketing campaigns, targeting NHS orthopaedic departments and through mouth to mouth. The system has attracted a lot of interest and Simedics Ltd has now joined the team in order to take a more proactive sales and marketing role and potentially turn these sales leads into the purchase of the system. E-NOF is used and showcased at Doncaster hospital where the paper forms have been eradicated.


For more information, please contact enquiries@simedics.org

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