Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen


There was a need for a new screening tool to identify those patients who have a feeding and swallowing problem as promptly as possible and then to refer them to the Speech and Language Therapist so that they can carry out their expert and detailed assessment which then leads to safe management of this high risk problem.

Many professionals are focusing their attention on identifying the presence of dysphagia in stroke patients but patients with dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, those with respiratory illnesses like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease etc. are no less at risk from this life-threatening problem than the patient with a stroke. Prompt identification of a feeding and swallowing problem in hospital and community settings will much reduce recurrent chest infections, loss of appetite, poor nutrition, weight loss, aspiration and death. In the community there will be less need for hospital admissions and again reduced death rates and will also reduce the need for recurring visits by the GP prescribing a number of courses of antibiotics.



The Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen is an observational screening tool for nurses, that can be used in hospitals, nursing and residential homes and a variety of other settings, which assesses the patient’s capabilities with not only fluids but also diet. With its comprehensive test items and its concentration on both diet and fluids, it provides a very important tool in identifying life-threatening feeding and swallowing difficulties in patients with a wide range of diagnoses. Use of the screening tool not only reduces risk for the patient but will also reduce costs and wasted time for clinicians. The package includes: an observational screening tool for nurses for early and accurate identification of feeding and swallowing difficulties in all kinds of adult patients, and a training package which provides information on the screening tool itself via two manuals and a DVD.

Medipex impact

The Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing Screen was submitted to Medipex by its developer who worked for Kirklees PCT as a speech and language therapist.  Medipex reviewed the screen and formatted the text of the manuals ready for printing, obtained quotes for printing and supply of the manuals and DVD, and took delivery of completed packs.  Medipex determined that the pack would be easier to market via its ennovations website than via a third-party publisher.

You can purchase the Dewsbury Feeding and Swallowing screening pack from Medipex’s Ennovations website.