Guide to the NHS Seminars

‘The Changing NHS and its Implications for Medical Technology Companies’ is a series of three downloadable seminars based on an acclaimed half-day workshop developed and delivered by Medipex, the NHS Innovation Hub for the Yorkshire and Humber region in the UK.

It is aimed at suppliers of medical technology products to help them understand the how the NHS market operates, how it is changing and what needs to be done to enable products to access the market. It is the result of a significant period of ongoing in-depth research looking at how the NHS will work, how it buys its goods, what the barriers to uptake are, how decisions are made, who the decision makers REALLY are and the key factors considered in deciding what to purchase. It contextualises the procurement process for medical devices within the changing NHS landscape in an easy-to-understand way and is an invaluable resource for medical device companies.

  • The first seminar in the series, ‘The New NHS’, outlines how the healthcare market in England operates. It looks at how the NHS is changing in England, who the purchasers of services from healthcare providers are, how services are funded and paid for, how new service suppliers are being brought into the market and how the role of NICE is changing. This seminar is likely to be of interest to anyone involved in supplying to the NHS market as it gives a general overview of how the system is changing and isn’t specific to medical technology companies.
  • The second seminar in the series, ‘The NHS Procurement Landscape’, looks at how the NHS purchases its goods from suppliers, the rules and regulations that govern this process and the functions of the different organisations in England that contract for goods on behalf of NHS.
  • The third seminar in the series, ‘The Customer’, looks at the hospital procurement process and the drivers of the stakeholders involved in the process. This seminar covers how the internal process works and how decisions are made about what medical device products to use. It also identifies what the critical success factors are which a product needs to show to maximise its opportunity of adoption by NHS organisations.

Please email Chris Herbert to register your interest in purchasing these products and details of where they can be downloaded from will be forwarded to you. The seminars run for between 30 and 45 minutes and can be viewed on a range of devices. They can be purchased either individually or together depending on which you are interested in and the cost to purchase a single-user licence is:

  • 1 x seminar: £24.99
  • 2 x seminars: £44.99
  • 3 x seminars: £59.99