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The NHS in England is currently undergoing a period of significant change with the abolition of Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts and the establishment of the NHS Commissioning Board and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Simultaneously, the innovation and procurement landscapes are undergoing a thorough review and a new medical education structure is being set up. The pace and scale of the change can at times seem overwhelming.

Medipex has a significant understanding of the NHS procurement landscape and due to our close relationship with both healthcare commissioners and providers understand NHS procurement and the wider barriers to adoption of medical technologies in depth. Using this knowledge, we aim to help you better understand the procurement landscape and to help you overcome adoption barriers wherever you are in the product development cycle. We have become widely recognised for our knowledge in this area and have delivered a number of seminars and workshops on the subject as well as carrying out exercises for companies mapping the procurement pathways for their product and looking at the specific drivers and barriers for adoption which may be influenced by the wider NHS.
To help you understand the changing NHS landscape, Medipex can work with you to help you understand where your product fits within the NHS. We have also produced a number of resources and workshops to help you understand the changing landscape.

Our publication ‘Selling to the NHS – A guide to the NHS and NHS Procurement for Medical Technology Companies’ is the result of a significant period of ongoing in-depth research looking at how the NHS buys its goods, what the barriers to uptake are, how decisions are made, who the decision makers really are and the key factors considered in deciding what to purchase. The guide contextualises the procurement process for medical devices within the changing NHS landscape and is an invaluable resource for medical device companies. The guide costs £85.00 and can be purchased from our Ennovations website.

‘The Changing NHS and the Implications for Medical Technology Companies’ is a half day workshop or series of downloadable seminars which details the changing NHS landscape and the implications for procurement of medical technology products. More information about the half day workshop and its content can be found on our Ennovations website. To purchase the downloadable seminars please email Chris Herbert.


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