Tele-wound management
goes live in Eastbourne

A tele-wound management approach pioneered in Bradford and Sheffield has been adopted by The National Wound Healing Centre in Eastbourne. A team of Tissue Viability Nurses (TVN), led by nationally-renowned TVN Sylvie Hampton, is providing Any Qualified Provider (AQP) services in wound management to the NHS.

The system, called TELERwoundcare, is based in part on the research findings gathered during the initial pilot which demonstrated that a tele-medicine approach to wound management could improve healing rates and reduce overall costs of wound management.


The data management system has been significantly redeveloped and now incorporates a reporting and measuring system - TELER. Practitioners can easily evaluate precise clinical changes in wounds undergoing treatment, for example by measuring control of exudate, of infection and a range of other physiological attributes typical for wound healing. The system also incorporates a standard NHS referral process to which a photograph of a wound can be added. TVNs receiving data submissions from care homes or field-based nurses can then triage the patient and respond appropriately. The system also now allows data to be submitted through an iPad as well as directly through a PC or using a mobile phone linked to a digital pen and paper recording system.

A number of NHS organisations in the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond have expressed an interest in the system, so sales are expected to rise in 2013. An export drive during 2012 has led to the adoption of TELERwoundcare by IberWounds, a Portuguese wound-healing clinic based in Lisbon. IberWounds has developed an AQP-type wound care support service and will triage and supervise the treatment of wounds in 150 residential care homes across Portugal, with York-based Longhand Data Ltd providing data collection and management services.


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