New obstetric forceps design
takes a major step towards market

A redesign of the traditional obstetric forceps, led by Dr Alexander Oboh of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has taken a major step towards market.

Nusurgix Ltd of Consett, Country Durham, has obtained a licence to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) surrounding the device from Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and will be taking the new forceps design through to market.

“It has been an exciting and challenging time to get the new obstetrics forceps from concept phase to our present position,” says Dr Oboh. “This product is the culmination of a multi-disciplinary team working together, including the design team at PD-M international, Paul Thorning at the University of Bradford’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation (IPI) and Medipex. I am looking forward to working with Nusurgix to bring this product to clinical practice and make childbirth safer.”


Medipex managed the project from its inception. Business Development Manager, Chris Herbert, says “Concluding this this licensing arrangement with Nusurgix on behalf of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is a prime example of how innovative NHS staff can work together with industry and university experts to bring their ideas to life. Nusurgix is an exciting young company which manufactures its products in the UK and demonstrated a real commitment to taking this product through to market. I would like to thank PD-M International for helping turn Alex’s concept into a working prototype which will form the basis for the final product.”

Mark Jessup, Managing Director of Nusurgix said, “The product is due for launch into the UK market in 2014.”


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