Medipex are providing continuing business support to Doc Abode

Doc Abode, created by clinical entrepreneur Dr Taz Aldawoud, supports healthcare providers to deliver more responsive, cost-effective care by safely connecting and matching a multi-disciplinary workforce to NHS patient needs, in real-time, based on clinician availability, proximity and expertise. Doc Abode manages all of the logistics in deploying a workforce across organisational boundaries by providing HCPs with a secure app installed on their smartphone so when needed, the healthcare provider can escalate requests for direct advice, guidance or assessment through secure telephone/video triage or in person visits.

Since Doc Abode’s inception Medipex have provided business support services to the company ensuring appropriate governance and contractual arrangements have been in place in addition to wide ranging commercial advice necessary to ensure the successful scaling up of Doc Abode products and services.

Recently, Doc Abode have forged two new strategic partnerships to enable efficient healthcare delivery and enhance patient safety.

Doc Abode and Docobo are working together to keep patients out of hospital and keep care closer to home, by creating an interface to join up their remote monitoring and real time clinician deployment systems. Telehealth companies Docobo and Doc Abode have joined forces to create an interface to join up remote monitoring and clinician deployment systems. The interface aims to support the health system to deliver care more efficiently while increasing the capacity of the workforce and improving patient outcomes.

It will enable an alert from the Docobo system to go straight to clinicians or a clinical hub through one platform. GPs will have visibility of trending data and a secure system to respond to it and react to any changes in patient status. One secure app for multiple organisations allows for flexibility for patients and clinicians. It supports continuity of care and is aligned with priorities within the NHS England Long Term Plan.

This cross-organisational collaboration has been designed to support remote monitoring at scale enabling safe and timely escalations for clinicians to respond to patients in care homes or their own homes. This is an innovative way of working which is revolutionising urgent care provision.

Doc Abode is a real-time clinician deployment platform that safely connects a multi-disciplinary clinical workforce to NHS patient needs based on availability, proximity and expertise, while Docobo provides the DOC@HOME remote monitoring solution and ARTEMUS population health management solution across the NHS.

Sesui and Doc Abode have also recently announced a strategic technology partnership.

Sesui are specialists in providing fully managed cloud contact centre solutions. A managed cloud solution, ensures every contact is connected to the right part of healthcare organisations. It provides inbound and outbound telephone/video services to healthcare practitioners.

Having worked together closely for over a year, the Doc Abode platform is now fully integrated with the secure, remote telephone and video triage service provided by Sesui. The success of the Doc Abode platform in providing additional workforce capacity through its efficient on-demand platform to healthcare providers has been a breakthrough in the way the NHS has been able to manage the pressure on clinical resources during this pandemic. This integration has enabled stretched clinical resources to provide the telephone and video triage to run an effective Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) service. The Sesui system delivers a robust and scalable network and secure NHS grade phone and video services which means that Doc Abode can extend their value proposition beyond physical visits, to the now standard remote working required by IUC providers.

Whilst both these partnerships were established prior to the first lockdown, as we move into more stringent restrictions and the addition of Winter pressures, it makes it even more critical to move to a workforce model that fits the new remote way of working and the increasingly stretched resource pool that is available. These partnerships have already helped to provide benefits to patients throughout the Covid19 pandemic and to the working lives of frontline clinicians. Expanding the ability of the Doc Abode platform to provide remote monitoring and a secure fully integrated telephony and video service with single sign-on across multiple organisations will be critical to new pathways of care and new ways of working across PCNs and urgent care providers in the coming months and years.



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