Elaros C19-YRS for NHS Staff

Following on from their success at the recent Medipex Innovation awards, ELAROS Ltd would like to offer all Medipex members a fee-free license for use of their C19-YRS software for the purposes of managing NHS staff with Long COVID. Eligible organisations should contact roman.rochal@elaros.com for further information.

The key highlights of the digital platform can be found here and on the attached brochure, together with details of some of the benefits that have been realised through its use, which include;

  • Recommendation by NHS England in their National Guidance for post-COVID syndrome assessment clinics (Versions 1 and 2)
  • Developed by the Leeds Long COVID Rehab team from Leeds NHS Trusts and The University of Leeds who won the BMJ Clinical Team Leadership of the Year award with Elaros, in addition to two joint awards in Medipex's NHS Innovation Awards for the Management of Long Term Conditions category
  • Reduced staff time per assessment by up to 90% when compared with using the paper YRS assessment
  • Promotes digital inclusion by offering an alternative web-based version of the app to patients with limited access to digital, which can also be used by staff to support those patients with no access to digital devices
  • Recipient of a multinational NIHR study led by The University of Leeds together with 7 other UK Universities and 10 clinical sites across the UK
  • A suite of outcome measures on offer including the EQ5D, PHQ9, GAD7, PDQ-5, the modified C19-YRS (now used by the World Health Organisation) and the original C19-YRS, which is the only clinically validated scale for use in long COVID patients 

A BBC News article with testimonials from staff and patients can be found here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VNTV9ZGa0HM 

Future developments which will be offered at no additional cost include the incorporation of rehabilitation and educational resource developed by the Leeds COVID Rehab team and the World Health Organisation, and language translations of the patient app.



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