NHS Innovation Awards 2012 Winners

A wealth of inventive devices, technologies and systems designed to improve the health and wellbeing of NHS patients were recognised at the Medipex 2012 NHS Innovation Awards, which took place on Thursday 11 October 2012.

The Awards, now in their eighth year, are open to NHS staff members, academic teams and companies across the Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands regions who have developed innovative ideas to improve patient care across the NHS.

Two hundred people from across the NHS, academia and the medical technology industry attended the Awards, hosted at Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield. The annual competition is an important part of Medipex’s work to promote innovation within the NHS and connect its members in the NHS and academia with industry to help innovators develop their ideas and facilitate product development and clinical trials.

This year’s Awards attracted the highest ever number of entries – over 150 – with 24 finalists shortlisted across the five categories. The winners in each category were:

GP & Primary Care

Dr Ollie Hart from NHS Sheffield has led the development of a suite of multimedia websites to aid self-management of common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. After diagnosis, patients refer to the websites for information and support in health care and pain relief, allowing self-management and reducing the need for onward referral to physiotherapy or other specialists. The portal has attracted over 40,000 visits since its launch in September 2011, leading to a reduction of 17 per cent in orthopaedic outpatient appointments for MSK conditions and a cost saving of £230,000 on first appointments alone.

Software & Telehealth

Dr Philip Holland and the team from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have launched an online service to support children affected by diabetes and their families. ‘Upbete’ has been developed by parents, children and clinicians to promote self-management of diabetes, community knowledge-sharing, learning and public outreach. An online community has been formed, increasing understanding of diabetes and the confidence and well-being of the families. Patient health has improved and the website has received over 1,000 visitors in six months.

Mental Health

Annette Purves and colleagues from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have devised a Visual Memory Assessment Tool (V-MAT) to transform the diagnostic experience for people with conditions ranging from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. The V-MAT is pictorial and visual - the client points to the appropriate answers - producing a more accurate representation of the person’s cognitive functioning and removing the anxiety which the traditional verbal procedure can cause. The V-MAT can also be used on an iPad, resulting in paperless assessment and more accurate patient audit, removing the need for translators and thus reducing costs.

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Rachel Bennett and the team at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have developed a new way to secure tracheostomy tubes on babies and young children, preventing accidental removal of the tube and reducing damage to the stoma. Traditional toddler walking reins have been adapted to provide a firm external anchorage point for the tube around the chest, reducing pull at the stoma. Having a secure tube reduces the number of staff needed to transfer hoist-dependent older children and reduces the number of accidental tube removals, leading to improved patient mobility and theatre cost savings

Procurement & Secondary Care

A team led by Alison Woodhead of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has developed an interactive training package for paediatric ward staff to confidently manage dietary aspects of type 1 diabetes, e.g. carbohydrate counting. The programme is divided into five sections, takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be accessed via the in-house electronic training system. This has resulted in more accurate carbohydrate counting, reducing the inaccurate counting which leads to incorrect insulin doses and, potentially, hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia.

Innovation Champion

A sixth Award – Innovation Champion – was chosen from among a list of nominations and awarded to Dianne Tetley and Sami Timimi of Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. 

In the last 18 months they have co-developed four innovations and supported a fifth.  Two have already won awards and a third has been nominated. The first innovation, OO-CAMHS, an Outcomes Orientated approach to the delivery of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services has been recognised by local commissioners who have incorporated it into their local Commissioning for Quality and Innovation Payment Framework (CQUIN) and by NICE who recognised it as an example of Quality Innovation, Productivity and Performance (QIPP). OO-AMHS, is an e learning package, providing generic training in how to adopt an outcomes orientated approach to service delivery. The NSPCC are rolling this out nationally to their practitioners

Richard Clark, CEO of Medipex said of the awards, “The sheer number of entries this year, and their consistently high standard, is testament to the innovative and empathetic people that work in or with the NHS and their continued striving to improve patient care. As always, it’s a pleasure for Medipex to run these Awards and a privilege to be able to recognise the finalists’ achievements. These innovations could be commissioned across other Trusts and organisations and, in some cases, this has already happened. All the finalists should be congratulated for their work in improving patient care.”

Medipex would like to acknowledge and thank the sponsors and supporters of our 2012 Innovation Competition: