Publications and Training Materials
2010 Finalists

Alison Thomas from NHS Barnsley was finalist with the innovation “Safe hands 4 kids educational DVD”.


The idea was to produce an innovative, hand hygiene DVD for kids, to help encourage hand washing amongst young people. We researched existing product/training resources. The existing resources did not meet the standards that we required e.g. – wrist watches worn, jewellery, inappropriate dialogue or were poor quality. We took the decision to produce our own hand hygiene DVD, demonstrating evidence based six-step technique, filmed in an appropriate setting. We tailored the script to meet our needs, we recruited local school children, a local drama school (for voice over) and a British sign language champion. The DVD was produced by a local company.

This excellent DVD was distributed to all primary and secondary schools, including special needs school within the borough of Barnsley , to encourage hand washing and help prevent the spread of infection. The DVD has been gratefully received and is being used as part of the school curriculum. It is versatile and can be universally adapted to personalized needs. The DVD can be used as an educational tool by the school nurse and child health.

The DVD has a diverse function in that it can be used by anyone outside of the trust, such as local authorities, private sector, local education authority and other care provider, for pupils and students of all ages. The DVD has sought to reduce communication barriers by including additional function such as subtitles and British sign language (specially adapted for child’s vocabulary) The DVD could be adapted to different languages. The DVD is approximately 5 minutes long and thus provides a contemporary, quick and effective way to deliver an important message.

The finalist Catherine Howes from Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust submitted her innovation “THE NEURO-LOGICAL GAME - The fun way to learn about neurological care”.


Catherine has devised and produced a board game, to be used by staff and students to learn about the specific knowledge and skills required to care effectively for children with neurological conditions. This game is now used with all new nurses and students who come to the PCCU, and need specialist training on a wide range of subjects which includes neurological care. Catherine has identified that one of the best ways to encourage learning and to reinforce knowledge was through the use of an interactive game. This fun, innovative game replicates real life situations and the management of care in a safe environment.

Melanie Simmonds from NHS Rotherham was a finalist with her innovation The “S” Word. We need to talk about sex.


‘The S-Word, We need to talk about sex’ is a sexual health promotion campaign and education/ information resource utilising a movie theme to portray thought-provoking sexual health messages.

Extensive market research identified that movies are a popular past time for most young people and the use of iconic films was appropriate for conveying our key messages. To capture the imaginations and attention of Rotherham ’s young people, films such as The Bourne Trilogy, PS I Love You and Mission Impossible, were altered using allusional imagery and a play on words to create alternative fictional film posters, namely Borne Unintentionally, PS I Infected you and Mission Responsible.

The campaign, which directs young people, parents and professionals to a website where they can get accurate, young people friendly information on sexual health and local services, was launched to professionals in the form of a movie premier which resulted in TV and newspaper coverage. It is also promoted through:  Film style posters in buses, bus stops, billboards, phone boxes, locally produced magazines, colleges, schools, youth centres and health organisations.

A viral video is available through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and was available to large numbers of young people to download onto their mobile phones via Bluetooth; On screen adverts in health centre and at the local bus station; Website promoted via Bluetooth game and radio adverts.

The Sexual Health Team commissioned Hallam fm to produce the promotional materials whilst providing direction on the content and suitability of the final concept. Local young people also assisted with the development of the creative ideas as well as staring in the viral video and radio adverts. The final message within all elements of the campaign is that there is ‘not always a Hollywood ending’ when it comes to sex.