Medical Devices and Diagnostics
2009 Finalists

Runner-up in the category was John Wilson from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Neil Wright from Sheffield Children’s Hospital.


The Operating Theatre Fluid Waste Disposal System developed by John Wilson permits the disposal of fluids that have been flushed through the body during an operative procedure (typically urological) to be disposed of directly to the mains sewerage system. Such waste is currently collected into single-use canisters which are then disposed of as clinical waste at a cost of approximately £15,000 per annum per operating theatre.


The ‘WITHCARE’ system developed by Neil Wright is an automated monitoring and decision support system for Type 1 Diabetes patients. Young people with diabetes are at risk of developing long-term complications.  Tight control reduces the risk of these complications, but control frequently deteriorates in adolescence and young adult life. The system developed by Neil and his collaborators from Sheffield University works with any patient’s existing blood glucose meter and their mobile phone. It automatically transmits data regarding the individual’s diabetes to the diabetes team and due to the use of existing infrastructure does not require expensive telecommunications devices. Data transmitted to a diabetes team can be used to identify those individuals who have consistently high blood glucose levels and those who are not undertaking blood glucose monitoring at home. Feedback to the patient can be sent to their mobile phone either automatically or manually by a member of a clinical team.